From Zero to Hero - How to Obtain a Helicopter Private Pilots Licence

First things first, it’s a good idea to achieve your Medical Certificate. This determines if you can indeed be granted with a Pilot’s License in the first place, so for £200 and quick check-up with a local aero medical Doctor – it’s worth its weight in Gold to secure prior to any flight training!

You will need to complete a minimum of 45 hours dual flight training in a helicopter of your choice; this is broken down into 35 hours of dual instruction alongside an instructor, and 10 hours of Solo flying. It can of course take a little longer, but this is the minimum.

Along with the Flight Training, you will need to complete 9 Theoretical Knowledge Exams, these can be completed in house here at HQ, with no bookings or fees necessary, and can be prepared for by Self-Study and Distance Learning. The subjects comprise of;

  1. Aviation Law & Operational Procedures
  2. Human Performance & Limitations
  3. Navigation & Radio Aids
  4. Meteorology
  5. Aircraft General Knowledge
  6. Flight Performance & Planning
  7. Communications (VFR)
  8. Principles of Flight
  9. Operational Procedures

Thereafter, you can sit a Radio (Communications) Practical Exam, also here at Denham, in order to obtain an Aeronautical Radiotelephony License; this is something you practice during both your flight training and ground study. Taking no more than 2 hours, it’s only a simple test, composed of an ‘Aeronautical Oral Exam’ with another Pilot approved to conduct the test.

Once all of the above has been attained, and you have reached a suitable level of safety with your flying, an instructor will recommend you for the final test - named the License Skills Test - this is an approximate 2 hour flight conducted with a Flight examiner of whom you haven’t flown with before, comprising of everything from general handling to emergency procedures, to show your readiness to be a PPL (H) holder. Successful completion of this test makes a qualified Private Helicopter Pilot!

Courses are conducted all year round, and are can be customized to suite each individual - there is no ‘set’ times or dates, and you can complete the course in as little or long time as you like!